Full Ethical Hacking Course

The Full Ethical Hacking Course program trains you in a step-by-step process into an ethical hacker. Instructor Loi has taught hundreds of students with millions of viewership across the world on his ethical hacking courses. This is a 5-day full ethical hacking course to guide you through lectures and tutorials to help you become an ethical hacker.

What you will learn

Introduction to cyber-security and ethical hacking platforms
●     Introduction to cyber-security, cyber-crimes and trends
●     Cyber-attack chain by Lockheed Martin
○     Reconnaissance
○     Weaponization
○     Delivery
○     Exploitation
○     Installation
○     Command and Control
○     Actions on Objective
●     Virtualization on VirtualBox, Vmware and Hyper-V
●     Kali Linux
○     Installation of Kali Linux
○     Deploy and run Kali Linux
●     Installation and deployment of vulnerable server for testing
○        Learn how hackers plan their attacks
●        Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) Database
○         Analyze and investigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities
●        Active and Passive Scanning
○         Search engine scanners
○         Internet scanners
○         Open source intelligence
○         Nmap scanning
○         Recon-ng scanning
Security standards, regulation and exploitation
●        Center for Internet Security (CIS)
○         Hardening checks for systems
●        Personal Data and Protection Act (PDPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
○         Regulatory compliance for enterprises
●        Metasploit framework for ethical hacking
○        Commands and usage
○        Search for CVE vulnerabilities from scans
○        Exploit system with available modules
○        Post-exploitation for privilege escalation and scanning
Security hardening and configuration
●        Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) for Windows Security Check
●        CHKRootKit for Linux Security Check
●        Lynis for Linux Security Check
Social engineering
●        Dark Web with Tor
○         Hacking groups and forums
●        Wireless security assessment with WiFi PineApple
○         Wireless vulnerabilities
●        Phishing campaign with Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)
○         Direct attack into endpoints
Web, application and database vulnerabilities
●        Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
○         Injection
○         Broken authentication
○         Sensitive data exposure
○         XML External Entities
○         Broken access control
○         Security misconfiguration
○         Cross-Site Scripting
○         Insecure Deserialization
○         Using components with known vulnerabilities
○         Insufficient logging and monitoring
●        SQLMAP for database hacking and ex-filtration
●        BurpSuite for manual injection
○         Payload testing
Creation of payload
●        Payloads package on injection
○         Injection payloads created by hackers to be utilized to inject into systems
○         Fully undetected payloads
○         Buffer overflow for shell

What this course provides you?

Get trained by our world-class instructor, Mr Loi Liang Yang, so that you can learn everything about cyber-security through this Full Ethical Hacking Course.

Course Fees

Course fees: $997.00 USD